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Hey Big-Time Bloggers
I have used so many tools in the last few years blogging and I feel I've come to a place where I'm gathering a kit bag of some of the BEST tools to manage and run an authentic and profitable online business. I'll update as I find new ones for you as I'm always on the look out for smooth new systems that will help me run the world... I mean, my blogs (of course!) better.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to buy any of these tools. Please note I use all of these tools personally and only recommend them because they work, I trust the companies and support, and because of my own great experience with them.



I HIGHLY recommend that you use Bluehost to host your blog. I’ve been a raving fan of theirs for nearly three years now. The reason? Their hosting is incredibly easy to set up and they have a one-click WordPress installation within their service. I even wrote an article about it here: How To Start A Blog In 7 Minutes Or Less (with pictures). They have 24/7 chat or phone support AND you can host unlimited domains through them. This means that every single time you think of a new domain name in the shower you can jump out and buy it in under a minute. Quite frankly, Bluehost rock.

Get Bluehost

Adobe Creative Suite

I HIGHLY recommend that you use Adobe as part of your creative and design kit-bag. Every post I create with imagery, all my social media posts/facebook cover images, eBooks, eCourses and infographics are all created using the Adobe Creative Suite. I even wrote some articles on Photoshop Blog Hacks here.You can get a month trial of the entire suite for FREE if you click through here.

Check Out Adobe For FREE

Restrict Content Pro

I use Restrict Content Pro to mange both of my eCourses. If it wasn't for this plugin I wouldn't be able to create and manage my own eCourses on my own websites as well as easily add payment options and track all of my members. It's revolutionised my business and allows me to make a higher profit. Well worth the investment, which for me, has returned itself again and again. Check it out here.

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Optin Monster

I use Optin Monster for the Pop-Up Optin and subscribe bars on The Whole Daily. They helped us grow a list of over 12k subscribers in under 2 years. Easy to configure, great analytics, simple user interface. They rock. Check them out here.

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